Sinar Sari

SINAR SARI - BATU API MEDAN is a Supplier of Industrial and Construction, a specialist in the field of refractory materials in Medan. We have been experienced in supplying refractory materials to various Industries in Sumatra and Indonesia since the first. Our commitment: We are always committed to providing high quality fire bricks that have been used by Factory and Heavy Industries since old time. And over time, the materials we provide have proven endurance and many customers are always faithful to our products. Materials that we can supply that consists of: * Fire Resistant of various shapes (Fire Clay Bricks) * Cement Resistant (Mortars) * Cement Castable Fire * Supercast Products * Rockwool and Mineral Wool * Ceramics Fiber Wool * Plastics Refractory and PBJ * Aluminum Sheet * Oil Palm Plant Boilers * Technical Tools SINAR SARI - STONE MEDAN API Tel: 061 7368816 - 061 7345637 - 085102329977 Whatsapp: 087867385928 Fax 061 7369471

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